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MNS Credit Management Group, serving clients for over two decades, is one of the most professional and organized company in the field of domestic and international debt collection, business information services, first party collection of accounts receivables, business advisory services and legal & paralegal services.

MNS Group is one of the fastest growing soft Debt Recovery and Business Information Reports agencies with the largest global network and has emerged as the Premier Credit Management Group. We are the only shareholder and representative of TCM Group International in India, which is one of the largest Debt Collection Networks in the world. Having presence in over 170 Countries, MNS Group efficiently manages to collect debts, provide credit reports and other related services from these countries at reasonable rates. We are also members of IACC, FENCA, ICTF, IJCCI, BIIA, PHDCCI , ICCCI, IVCCI and FIEO.

We as a company offer total credit management services that include expertise in domestic and international debt recovery, credit information, litigation, skip tracing, on-site visits, receivables management and legal and joint venture advisory services delivering total customer satisfaction. Having accumulated vast experience for two decades, we are proud to be recognized as one of the most successful, efficient and professional companies in our vertical in the country.

We have a strong team of experienced attorneys, law firms, chartered accountants, highly qualified credit analysts and professionals worldwide and provides clients with impressive access to a full range of services in numerous areas of business law. We provide expert legal services promptly and in a cost-effective manner to assist clients in achieving their business goals and navigate them to increase their business growth.

MNS Group is known for its professional and ethical methods of handling debt recovery cases to get your money back. We demonstrate due attention to every case with a clear and detailed knowledge of procedures, the relevant laws, delinquent accounts and the clients' requirements. Our reporting services give you

1) Quick assessment of a company's size and Composite Credit Appraisal that is based on the company's financial statements; and
2) Overall evaluation of the firm's creditworthiness. It is a one-stop solution for all your business risk.

MNS Group


Client satisfaction

Personalized services

Ethical, professional and cost-effective solutions

Value addition to clients' business interests

Partnering the clients in profitability

Keep clients'/debtor relations intact

Our Clients Worldwide

Our services are extensively used by multinational companies and conglomerates from diverse industry verticals, including:

Major financial corporations


International law and Accounting firms

Trade associations

Credit insurance companies

Government entities

Exporters, Importers, Export Promotion Councils, Health Service Providers, Embassies and Multinational conglomerates from across the world.

MNS Group is equipped with a large database and our professionalism and ethical practices have enabled us to succeed.