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MNS offers offer a range of detailed and informative business information reports, Debt Collection through our extensive worldwide network of associates that are invaluable for factoring companies.

Report For Factoring Facility Assessment

Our team offers in depth BIR that assist Factoring Companies in evaluating and determining appropriate factoring facility limits for exporters/customers. These reports cover various areas, including client creditworthiness assessment, identification, ownership and management, legal status and history, operations, financial information and credit appraisal and an opinion. Our team of experts meticulously examines the relevant data and presents it in a professional and organized manner, enabling factoring companies to make informed and strategic decisions.

Leveraging Our Global Network

Through our extensive worldwide network of associates, we enable to benefit from our services for factoring companies, ensuring smooth transactions while adhering to Indian regulations. By tapping into our network, importers can access reliable and efficient factoring solutions, enhancing their business operations.

Debt Collection Expertise

In the event of non-payment by the buyer on the due date, our core strength lies in debt collection services. Our dedicated team excels in facilitating amicable recovery processes, working diligently to ensure outstanding debts are settled promptly. We understand the importance of maintaining healthy cash flow, and our debt collection services are designed to support exporters in achieving this goal.

Process of Factoring (Flow Diagram)
Role of MNS – Factoring Services

Sponsor Member Of FCI

MNS Management Credit Group is Member of world leading Industry Associations sponsor member of FCI – Factors Chain International, Netherlands

Why Choose MNS?

We offer services to meet the unique needs of Factoring Companies and exporters, ensuring seamless and hassle-free transactions

  • Global Collection Expertise.
  • No Collection - No Fee.
  • Swift claim handling and focus on amicable solution(s).
  • In depth understanding of the debt collection process in India.
  • Personalized attention to each claim irrespective of the claim amount.
  • Take a soft but firm approach for debt recovery without jeopardizing client's existing business relations with their debtor.
  • Work with Client in resolving disputes/road blocks for releasing payment.
  • Collection/Payments only through Banking Channels.
  • Arrange Payment directly from Customer to the Client pursuant to conform to India Exchange Control Regulations.
  • Vast experience with Indian Legal system.

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