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An approach to decide on the actual credit risk assessment and recommendations, fulfilling the objective of obtaining the report.

With Years Of Experience And Specialized Expertise, MNS Has A Dedicated Staff Of Credit Analysts.

Incorporating a comprehensive picture of a company, including financial and non-financial parameters on connected businesses, and past notable events involving its leadership, MNS is effective and skilled at delivering accurate business information reports. MNS additionally provides a risk indicator and a suggested loan limit to help customers with the company's financial report based on their selection. On a global scale, these reports are unquestionably more affordable and are often preferred over pricey investigations.

MNS Have An Array Of Expertise And Provide Solutions For Distinct Industries.

Company Formation
Company Formation

Our aim is to provide responsive incorporation services to large corporate and small to medium-sized enterprises seeking to develop their operations in India. This encompasses undertaking all the tasks right from approval of the name to the registration of Memorandum and Articles of Association, until the Certificate of Incorporation is issued.

Privatisation & Disinvestments
Privatisation & Disinvestments

We assist in drafting and negotiation of the transaction documents viz the shareholders' agreement, share purchase agreement, the guarantee agreement, alteration of memorandum and articles of association and advising on various legal issues including applicability of the takeover code. We also conduct legal due diligence.

Joint Venture
Joint Venture

MNS assists its clients to identify and target potential joint venture partners in order to establish a strong foundation for achieving shared business objectives. Once that is done, our team of professionals develops the joint venture strategy and framework, thus ensuring the joint venture is properly structured and the long-term interests of our client are protected.

Credit Insurance
Credit Insurance

What is Trade Credit Insurance?
Trade Credit Insurance protects your business against commercial and political risks which are beyond your control. It helps you to improve the quality of your business and increase profitability, minimizing the risk of sudden or unexpected customer insolvencies. Credit insurance enable you to extend trade credit to new customers, improves access to funding at more competitive rates.

How Does it Work?
Credit insurance protects your Business against the Non-payment of the customers on Credit Terms. These debts can arise following a customer failing to pay within the agreed terms and conditions (Protracted Default) or becoming insolvent.

How it Covers:
Underwriters assess the buyers and approve based on the financial information available and past trading experience. Depending on the number of buyers and the comfort of internal credit control process, the policy holder gets discretionary limit amount which enables them to auto insure the buyers under that approved exposure level. Over and above that level, the buyers will be assessed by the underwriters. The policy offers flexibility of adding/removing/increasing as many buyers as required during the policy period. Policy holder needs to declare sales turnover and overdue reporting based on the due dates and agreed extension terms.
MNS associate offers you credit insurance advisory services in order to protect your receivables against various commercial and political risks. Thus ensuring they don't result in non-payment of your invoices.
The credit insurance advisory services, indeed, are designed to meet the needs of all types of companies, ranging from mid-sized to large multinational corporations anywhere in the world. All thanks to MNS' tie-ups with the market leaders in the credit insurance broking that provide tailor-made credit insurance solutions at the most competitive prices.

Exceptional Teamwork And Industry Knowledge Help A Business Stand Out.

MNS is comprised of a team of seasoned advisors, management experts, chartered accountants, and other financial specialists, whose vast array of expertise shapes a strong organisation in addition to highly skilled multilingual collection specialists and credit analysts.

Frequently Asked Questions.

MNS assists multinational corporations and small to medium-sized businesses looking to expand their operations in India by offering prompt incorporation services. This includes carrying out all the duties necessary for the name to be approved, the Memorandum and Articles of Association to be registered, and the Certificate of Incorporation to be granted.
Your company is shielded from commercial and political dangers that are out of your control with trade credit insurance. As a result, the risk of abrupt or unforeseen client insolvencies is reduced as your firm improves in quality and becomes more profitable. Credit insurance makes it possible for you to offer trade credit to new clients and makes it easier to acquire capital at better terms.
Through partnerships with industry experts in credit insurance broking, MNS offers specialized credit insurance solutions at the most affordable costs.
MNS assist in the drafting and negotiation of the transaction agreements, such as the shareholders' agreement, share purchase agreement, guarantee agreement, amendment of the memorandum and articles of organization, and provide legal advice on a variety of topics, such as whether the takeover code is applicable.

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