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Businesses around the world are witnessing extraordinarily financial situations as a result of an increasing amount of debt, which can have a disastrous effect on businesses. Collecting unpaid money is a complex and time-consuming process that can deprive organizations in accomplishing their major business goals. To resolve this issue, companies outsource receivables to debt recovery agency in order to have proper solutions for recovery of debt and increasing cash flow in their business.

Our debt collection methods and approach:

We take a soft but firm approach for recovery of the due payment with their debtor.

We focus on amicable and alternative solutions that save client's time and money.

We give dispute identification, notification and resolutions the highest priority.

We work closely with client to resolve disputes and issues.

We monitor the execution of solutions arrived at with extreme diligence.

We ensure professionalism while interacting with client and their debtor.

We assign a dedicated officer to stay focused on the collection process.

Global Leader In International Debt Collection

MNS, being a global debt collection agency, follows internationally defined fair debt collection practices and ensure to safeguard the debt owner’s rights and follow the debtors ethically and professionally within the legal framework in order to help Businesses.

MNS Amicable Solutions for Debt Collection

Our debt collection strategies include verifying the address and current status of debtors, identifying reason of non-payment, regular follow up for an amicable solution by following proven principles of negotiation. We do this by

Identifying the problems.

After analysis of the case summary, MNS identifies the problem by understanding the reason for non-payment.

Establishing facts

With the support of MNS rich database of reports, we are capable of establishing the facts with getting a clear picture of the financial background of the debtor.

Bringing parties to the negotiation table.

MNS tries to bring the party to the negotiation table where the situation was when the debtor was evading calls due to non-payment. Uses efficient and proven international methods and practices.

Clarifying Issues

Dispute identification, notification and resolutions is sorted through MNS

Developing settlement options.

Work closely with the Client to resolve disputes and issues

Reviewing debtor’s written acknowledgment.

Monitor the execution of solutions arrived and as specified in the written debt acknowledgment with extreme diligence.

Keep clients' relations intact.

Ensure complete professionalism while interacting with all constituents in the recovery process.
Follow soft but firm collection methods and always abide business ethics and by laws of the land.

Identifying the problems.

Establishing facts

Bringing parties to the negotiation table.

Clarifying Issues

Developing settlement options.

Reviewing debtor’s written acknowledgment.

Keep clients' relations intact.

Certification & Associations

MNS is honored to be member of the world’s leading industry associations that are well-renowned in the services parallel to our expertise.

Federation of European National Collection Associations

FENCA, the Federation of European National Collection Associations, represents the interests of the European credit management, debt collection and debt purchase sector on the European level, coordinating the exchange with the institutions of the European Union, stakeholders in the European financial services industry, consumer groups and the European public.

International Credit and Trade Finance Association

Established in 2010 by the former FCIB-NACM Board of Directors, ICTF is the only independent, not-for-profit, member-led association, which provides a distinct advantage to those who seek greater expertise in the field of international credit management. It is the combined knowledge and experience of the ICTF community that makes ICTF the most relevant and essential global credit management association worldwide.

International Association of Commercial Collectors

International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc. (IACC) is a professional organization that represents commercial collection agencies, law firms, and other businesses engaged in the commercial debt collection industry. The organization was founded in 1970 and is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Business Information Industry Association

The Business Information Industry Association (BIIA) is a trade association for providers of a wide range of business information services which help other businesses manage growth and reduce risk.

India China Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The India-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCCI) is an organization that promotes business and trade relations between India and China. ICCCI works closely with the governments of India and China to create a favorable business environment to resolve trade-related issues.

Indo-Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Indo-Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IJCCI) is a multi-dimensional organization, promoting educational, cultural, and economic activities between Japan and India. Established in 1989, IJCCI is an all-India bilateral Chamber with around 250 members from all-over India.

Indo- Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Indo-Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IVCCI) is a non-profit organization that aims to promote and enhance trade and investment relations between India and Vietnam.

Indo Australian Chamber of Commerce

Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce is an organization that promotes and facilitates bilateral trade and investment between India and Australia.

Federation of Indian Exporters Organization

Federation of Indian Export Organizations is a Non-Profit entity that represents the Indian entrepreneur’s spirit of enterprise in the global market. Known popularly as “FIEO”, this ISO certified apex body of Indian export promotion organizations was set up jointly by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India and private trade and industry in the year 1965.

PHD Chamber of Commerce

PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI) has been working as a catalyst for the promotion of Indian industry, trade and entrepreneurship for the past 117 years. It is a forward looking, proactive and dynamic PAN-India apex organization.

Industry Factors Chain International

FCI is the Global Representative Body for Factoring and Financing of Open Account Domestic and International Trade Receivables. FCI is a non-exclusive organization, open to any company which is providing Factoring Services or plans to set up Factoring Activities but also to service providers to the industry.

TCM Group International

TCM Group is a unique global alliance of local debt collection agencies and specialized law firms, being your one-stop global organization for prompt, professional and ethical international debt collection and recovery services.

American Lawyers Quarterly (ALQ)

The American Lawyers Quarterly is an established directory of law firms that focuses on collections, creditors' rights, and bankruptcy. It has been the go-to resource for attorney representation in the collection industry for over 120 years since 1899. Our listed counsel typically handles collections on a contingent fee basis. The ALQ directory provides law firm referrals for cities, county seats, sizable towns in the US, Canada, and major commercial centers worldwide. Our standards align with the published rules and standards of the American Bar Association for law lists.

GLEIF – Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) was formed in June 2014 under the guidance of the Financial Stability Board. It is responsible for facilitating the adoption and utilization of the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). Supported by the Regulatory Oversight Committee, comprising public authorities worldwide, GLEIF aims to enhance transparency in global financial markets. As a supra-national non-profit organization based in Basel, Switzerland, GLEIF plays a pivotal role in promoting standardized identification of legal entities across borders.

Legal Entity Identifier India Limited (LEIL)

Legal Entity Identifier India Limited (LEIL), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Clearing Corporation of India Ltd., serves as a Local Operating Unit (LOU) for issuing globally compatible Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) in India. Recognized by the Reserve Bank of India under the Payment and Settlement Systems Act 2007 (amended in 2015), LEIL is accredited by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) as an LOU for issuance and management of LEIs.

Commercial Law League of America (CLLA)

Founded in 1895, the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) has functioned as a non-profit organization comprising creditors' rights lawyers, bankruptcy attorneys, commercial collection agencies, and legal network staff. CLLA is recognized as a leading organization in delivering networking, legal, educational, and professional services to the business and credit sectors.

League International for Creditors

LIC, the League International for Creditors, is an association founded in 1962 in Germany. It operates independently of debt-collecting firms, credit reporting firms, law firms, and credit managers, comprising approximately three thousand seven hundred skilled professionals. Many of these firms are confidential partners with embassies and consulates. Nearly half a century of experience and cooperation have molded LIC into what it is today: an association of reliable experts.

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Leading Debt Collection Agency uses an Ethical Approach to Debt recovery

We follow ethical collection practice and debtors are directed to pay any part/ full payment directly to creditor/ associate bank account.


As a longstanding member of the distinguished TCM Group International, the world's largest and most extensive global network of collection agencies, we have a proven track record of successfully helping creditors manage their overdue invoices/debts, credits and receivables, wherever they are located. MNS has access to the expertise of various international associates/representatives with whom we interact closely. This ensures that our clients get optimum solutions to all their problems and queries ranging from recovering unpaid accounts, to improving cash flow and reducing delinquencies. We are known for the expertise as a leading global debt collection agency and help in debt recovery for all industries and businesses.


Our business is unique and the approach we take is also unique and proven over the time. Being a debt recovery agency, we understand and value the requirement of maintaining professional relationships and accordingly indulge in dialogues with the debtors which result in collection of a debt successfully. MNS, being a global debt collection company, follows internationally defined fair debt collection practices and ensure to safeguard the debt owner’s rights and follow the debtors ethically and professionally within the legal framework in order to help Businesses for their debt collection requirements and helps them streamlining their business by improving cash flows and assists them to effectively manage their debts. Debt collection is a specialized field of service which require long experience, understanding and special tactics. So, it is always advisable to hire a professional debt collection agency like MNS in order to save your valuable time and resources and concentrate on your business. MNS provide expert Debt Recovery Services at a very reasonable price. Our Professional charges are on contingency basis - I.e. there is no charges if there is no recovery (for pre-legal efforts only). There is no upfront fees or file placement charges or any type of hidden charges. (For further information and clarification, our team is always available to answer your queries.)


We are known as a figurehead in providing debt recovery services to various Export Credit Agencies, Credit Insurers and Multinational Conglomerates worldwide. With such versatility, companies can intensify their business efficiency while boosting their accounts receivable collections. We provide an improved debt recovery, accounts receivable management and debt collection services to companies worldwide. We have experienced and qualified team who strictly follow the fair debt collection practices and hold expertise in debt recovery worldwide, who make sure that the tag and good will of any company is not hampered. With our varied services, it is a support to the companies for strengthening their ability in dealing with customers who get fixed into bad debt. It adds another feather to our hat that we are capable in handling commercial as well as retail consumer collections. We keep a regular communication with the client and keep them posted about the progress on regular intervals besides productive discussions and analysis of the claims being handled and that is how a strong trust is built in the client relation as well. Being us aboard, you will be able to curtail the bad debt load and intensify on prevailing cash flows.

Commercial Third Party Collection Services

To have a smooth business, the company is supposed to have minimal debts and the debts are recovered on time and this collection of debt is a tedious job which needs expertise and time. Many at times, when any debt owned by company for a longer period of time, it affects the cash flow of the company which in turns affects the operations of the company business and profits.

MNS has been providing third party collection services for over 20 years for collection of receivables all over the globe have diverse industry experience. As a third party debt collection agency we make sure recovery of debt from businesses as much effectively as possible. We have a team of professionals who have a proven successful track record with a very professional approach.

Our Commercial Third Party Collection Services includes:

  • Negotiation and Settlement
  • Legal Expert
  • Diverse Industry Experience
  • Multilingual Staff

First Party Collections

We provide assistance in First Party Collection that supports companies in targeting their customer on initial demand process which guarantee maximum cash penetration in shortest spam. Apart from this, the companies are able to bond the friendly relationship with the customer for future business.

MNS is a trusted first-party collection services partner in the global market that holds the mastery to optimally handle the task of contacting, and reminding your esteemed customers well in time of the collection/credit cycle. We have a team of well-trained professionals who fetch desired results by applying their specialized experience, strategy and internationally proven methodology.

What makes us to be chosen over the rest Debt Collection Agencies?

Professional Services:

We assure you to provide high quality, debt collection services with the assistance of a diligent and highly professional team. Dedicated officer appointed for regular handling, monitoring and update of assigned cases for recovery and ensure each case is obtained proper attention.

Increased Collection Rates:

We have core competency and experience and high professionalism with capability of delivering satisfactory debt collection services which result in increased collection rates. It helps in the smooth cash flow and better working capital in running your business..

Higher Productivity

Outsourcing debt recovery agency like us can let the client to dedicate more time, resources, and effort towards realizing the goals with a concentrated and deliberate approach. This ensures enhanced growth and higher productivity.

Improved Cash Flow

Our two decade old global debt collection agency and our well versed experienced and professional team is adept at providing debt collections not only in an effective manner but also with in the legal framework; to increase cash flow and end result with higher profit in your business.

Ensure cordial Relationships

We facilitate exceptional services following all the necessary industry compliances and certifications. When you outsource debt collection company like us, we ensure a cordial and professional relationship with the clients.




Our network is made up of trusted and experienced debt-collection professionals located in 170 countries around the world. We understand the challenges of debt collection on a global scale, and we're here to help you navigate the complexities of international debt recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions.

A commercial collection agency offers debt recovery services for transactions with other businesses. When dealing with a private company in a business-to-business transaction, a commercial collection agency may also make an effort to collect money from the owner directly in addition to the business that placed the order.
Being nearby is not essential when it comes to debt collection. The background and training of the collectors, the collection strategy, commitment, prompt follow-up, and the ability to separate myth from fact all play a significant role in how effective a commercial collection agency is. Location is not a factor because most work is completed over phone calls and most research is done online. We have our approach in around 170+ countries through our highly professional associate offices located across the globe.
No. We only get paid if we successfully collect any part/ full payment that is owed to you. We offer all of our commercial collection services on a contingency basis.
Yes. Once a collection agency has been hired to help with recovery, an account receivable from a business that came from supplying a good or service is referred to as a debt.
We do not charge our clients until we recover any payment, as we work on a contingency fees model. As each case is different, we get back with the scope of taking up the case and with commercials, once our legal team reviews the documents.
Yes, we are into both Domestic as well as International Debt Collection services for a couple of decades. We have our approach in around 170+ countries through our highly professional associate offices located world over. If required, we can also send our regular commercial collection clients who have debts from abroad to qualified local solicitors in the debtors' territory.

Clients Speak

Thank you for reaching out and it has indeed been a pleasure working with your team. I appreciate your dedication to customer feedback and improvement. Once again thank you for your excellent service and professionalism. 

Nitin Omprakash
Senior Manager- Commercial & Credit Controller

It’s been a decade old association with MNS and have seen the group growing over the years, spanning varied industries, providing gambit of meaningful debt recovery, legal & credit due diligence services, enriched with vast experience & knowledge, which are beneficial to the corporate world. MNS has always leveraged well on the legal opinions & credit nuisances & continues to have a strong foothold on the ever-changing subjects pertaining to India Inc., be it NCLT or wilful defaulter definition, when announced by the Supreme Court. It has always stayed ahead in the game providing solutions to the India Inc.

Credit and Collections Leader

Really efficient staff, who follow up with customer on a daily basis and in polite manner which is really appreciated. We receive updated comments on overdues as and when require by us. Professional approach towards every given assignment.

Ajay Chavan
Dy. Manager

We are Privileged to avail the services from your organisation. The requests for reports are taken up immediately and attended to immediately. This promptness and the rationale adopted on your report are commendable and deserves great appreciation. We thank you and your entire team for the good efforts. Keep it up.

P. Kumar
DGM Finance

One of the wonderful service by MNS and its unbelievable. We lost nearly 20 lakhs with an overseas company and we linked with MNS through the insurance company ECGC. I don’t know what they did thorugh their attorney in the overseas but money started coming in bill by bill Now 90% of the money is recovered. Before MNS i chased them almost two years and finally I decided to write off and MNS recovered. Thank you.

Ramakrishnan S

I am extremely impressed with MNS Professional service .We had two bad debts from Korea, one company had closed down and MNS helped us get proof which was difficult otherwise, by which we could get our claim from insurance. The Other case was more complex and MNS helped us by making a tripartriate agreement and get our money .They have very experienced team, good global contacts and very responsive team. Keep it up

Sai Pattabiram

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