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In today’s digital era, credit risk solutions encompass cutting-edge methods rise above traditional assessments. These solutions integrate advanced technologies like AI, big data analytics to revolutionize credit risk management. They delve into alternative data streams, such as digital footprints and behavioural patterns, to craft a comprehensive and dynamic risk assessment. Real-time monitoring and predictive modelling empower lenders to proactively identify potential defaults, thus fostering informed decision-making.

In today's interconnected global economy, businesses rely heavily on their supply chain partners to deliver goods and services efficiently. However, with increased reliance on external parties comes the need for effective third-party risk management for Expanding and Complex Supply Chains, Regulatory Compliance and Reputation, Business Continuity and Resilience.




"Reduce Risk With Credit Risk Ratings"
Our Business Information Reports are best tool and reliable source of information that allow you to assess a company's risk profile by analysing its Financial Health, Industry Trend, Payment Behaviour, Competitive Landscape, company's ownership structure, regulatory environment, compliance issues, economic downturns or supply chain disruptions and other outlook.

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The First Step Towards Improved Resilience Is Better Risk Management

In addition to offering financial and other business information for all emerging and major markets, MNS Credit Management Group offers company profiles, ownership and management reports, legal status and history records, and corporate data evaluations.

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MNS Reports Are Arranged in Six Broad Categories

  • 01. Identification
  • 02. Legal Status & History
  • 03. Financial Information
  • 04. Ownership & Management
  • 05. Operations
  • 06. Credit Assessment & Opinion

Our MNS Business Reports Include

  • 01.

    Complete Registration Data and The Company's History.

  • 02.

    Office Address, Telephone and Fax Numbers, Website Addresses Etc.

  • 03.

    Business Activities, Products / Service descriptions, etc.

  • 04.

    Information About the Shareholders and Administration.

  • 05.

    Latest Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account Wherever Available.

  • 06.

    Data On Parent/ Ultimate parents, Subsidiaries and Affiliated Companies.

  • 07.

    Negative Information, Legal Claims Wherever Available.

  • 08.

    Credit Risk Assessment and Credit Recommendations.

  • 09.

    Creditworthiness And Payment Records or Behaviors.

MNS's Global Database

Serving A Diverse Range of Clients Globally, Including Multinational Conglomerates, Banks and Financial Institutions, Credit Insurance Companies, SMEs, Corporate and International Credit Agencies.




Database Reports




Client base

Accurate & Reliable Information Leads To Less Risk, Right Decision!

MNS Group specialize in producing Business Information Reports on companies operating in India and Worldwide. MNS Reports help you to have a quick assessment of a firm's size and composite credit appraisal, based on the company's financial statements and non-financial information after analyzing/ evaluating predetermined parameters. MNS gives an overall evaluation of the firm's creditworthiness.

MNS reports are professionally prepared by a team of highly qualified analysts, each of whom can boast many years of experience in interpreting commercial information.

MNS furnishes detailed business information reports at a very nominal cost with minimum turnaround time. We have developed a worldwide network that enables us to generate the accurate, reliable and detailed information on companies in India and overseas.

Types Of MNS Report

MNS Group offers a wide range of Business Information Reports that accomplish the customer's interest. We have now originated online services through API integration for flexible delivery of business information and also to cater to the needs/commitments of all of our clients by providing easier access to data, instant business information report, database report and preliminary report, all by just a click of a button.

Preliminary Report

Preliminary Report

A preliminary report is prepared before the Business Information Report, in which you will get brief about company its directors and key management personal’s date of incorporation, capital details, nature of business and its product, and weather company is active or non-active it will help you to taking immediate decision.

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Data Base Report

Data Base Report

These are reports previously prepared [may be old anywhere from 1 day to a couple of year(s)] and can be instantly pulled. A fresh order may be placed within 24 hours of taking data base reports in case an updated report is required. We will be providing updated reports at the earliest and would be charging only for the updated fresh report and not for the data base report in such case.

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Instant Report

Instant Report

Available for selected countries (majorly for European Countries) whose data are updated regularly with the Registries (ROCs). You can pull an Instant Report where ever you see an option for the same, which will be having the latest data filed with the Registries and the price will be applied as per agreed proposal for Business Information Report (BIR). It is not to provide the Credit Recommendations without manual expert review. As such, credit recommendation part will not be available in the online reports though we can provide you an Updated report with Recommendations on demand within 24 hours of pulling the report, without any additional costs.

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Freshly Investigating Report

Freshly Investigating Report

In the freshly investigating report you will get complete report along with Credit Ratings and Credit Recommendations.

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Comprehensive Report

Comprehensive Report

On occasion, a Client might need to verify whether a particular company exists and is operating from an address that they have been provided. Comprehensive Report not only includes a detailed Business Information Report of the company, but is also accompanied with a site-visit of the office/factory and photographs in support. This report enables Clients to gauge the size of the company, its physical location, and assess whether it is a shell company or is merely using the address for mailing purposes.

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Financial Search Report

Financial Search Report

In today's day and age, it is imperative to understand the financial background of one's customers in order to effectively strategize when and how to grow your relationships. In recognizing this need, Financial provide formal records of the financial activities and position of a business entity.

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Due Diligence Report

Due Diligence Report

Due diligence reports are helpful in business valuation, in real estate development or in sales or acquisition. With the fast changing scenario now it is also being used before proposing a merger or expanding a business. The size and scope of Due Diligence Report differs, based on the subject matter being investigated.

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Litigation Search Report

Litigation Search Report

Litigation Search Report documents involves determining any criminal or civil cases filed against the subject company/entity across various courts and fora. This report is crucial to secure your company's reputation by ensuring that you are aware of any ongoing litigation or judgments against the entity you seek to transact with and assess if these factors materially impact their reputation.

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ROC Search Report Of Charges

ROC Search Report Of Charges

An ROC Search Report is a report prepared by consolidating the status of all charges of a company filed with or registered by ROC (Registrar of Companies) as regards its indebtedness giving terms and conditions as regards interest, tenure, type of security etc. If so required by the client, we can get it certified by a practicing Chartered Accountant.

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Company Search Report

Company Search Report

Search Report as the name suggests is related to a report based on some facts and figures of a particular search. It is a basic Tool for Inspection of Company's Records in hands of stakeholders specially Banks. The various stakeholders of a company are interested in the matters and activities of a company for their personal benefits as regards investment, repayment etc. is concerned. Company Search Report contains the basic details about the Company including company identification details, contact details, official company data, license details, nature of business, director details, capital history, and equity shareholding pattern.

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Authentication And Verification Report

Authentication And Verification Report

Verification or authentication reports are ordinarily prepared for B2B screenings. These reports, verify details about registered offices, contact details, legal form, registration and also about Chairman / Chief Executive Officer / Managing Partner / Proprietor etc. of a prospective client.

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Why Go With MNS Business Information Reports?

You get accurate information about your business partners wherever they are located.

You get maximum information at a very nominal cost within minimum turnaround time.

Our "Report at a Glance" feature gives you immediate access to the overall assessment of the subject company.

We are ethical, professional and provide accurate information to make informed business decisions.

We provide freshly investigated reports as per requirement.

We provide credit rating, risk assessment and credit recommendation in every report on the basis of scientific analysis of various parameters as per client requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Business information reports on organizations allow you to rapidly check a firm's size and composite credit appraisal, which provides an overall assessment of the firm's creditworthiness. These reports are based on the company's financial records and non-financial information. Any business must be able to get these reports easily and rapidly either offline or online.
In just a few simple steps, one may obtain MNS business information report after signing the formal service agreement.

OFFLINE MODE: CLIENT can place orders for the service through email to MNS email id as and when required and same shall be considered as assigned to MNS. This will further be responded to promptness keeping in mind the extent of the work to be done. As soon as the request is made or the order is placed, a confirmation e-mail shall be sent to the CLIENT ‘s registered E-mail ID by MNS. MNS shall provide Business Information Reports as ordered by CLIENT by email in PDF Format. In case Client’s concerned officer places an order for Fresh Investigation Report with MNS through Offline Request Form (or over phone/message / WhatsApp etc), that request also will be treated as an Online Request.

ONLINE MODE: CLIENT can fill the download the Database Report (which may have been prepared earlier for other client/otherwise) to the extent that such Database Reports are readily available on the MNS’ Portal/ Website through MNS Online Portal as and when required. [for Domestic Reports at the moment].
Various financial and non-financial objectives are included in reports.

*Complete registration data and the company's history
* Office address, telephone and fax numbers, email, website addresses, etc.
* Business activities, products/services provided,
* Information about the shareholders and administration
* Data on subsidiaries and affiliated companies
* Latest balance sheet and profit and loss account wherever available
* Negative information, litigation etc. wherever available
* Creditworthiness and payment records or behaviors.
* Credit Risk assessment and credit recommendations
As an alternative to the traditional offline methods of placing orders via email or messages and receiving reports via e-mail, which require too much human interaction and time, we have been giving our customers' reports via online web access as well as REST-APIs with JSON responses, allowing them to easily import the data into their own reporting software.
MNS has its approach at a global level. MNS specializes in providing Business Information Reports on companies with operations in more than 170 countries, including India
MNS business information report comprises of financials for the last 03 years, can be increased as per client requirement.
In just a few simple steps, you may obtain MNS business information report. Step 1: Provide your company's information, like your name and GST details; the purpose of availing such report. Step 2: Reports may be easily ordered by email. Require basic information like the company’s full name, available address, country, and phone numbers for the timely identification of the subject. Step 3: Reports must be submitted electronically in PDF format through email. You will receive your report in the allotted turnaround time.

Clients Speak

Thank you for reaching out and it has indeed been a pleasure working with your team. I appreciate your dedication to customer feedback and improvement. Once again thank you for your excellent service and professionalism. 

Nitin Omprakash
Senior Manager- Commercial & Credit Controller

It’s been a decade old association with MNS and have seen the group growing over the years, spanning varied industries, providing gambit of meaningful debt recovery, legal & credit due diligence services, enriched with vast experience & knowledge, which are beneficial to the corporate world. MNS has always leveraged well on the legal opinions & credit nuisances & continues to have a strong foothold on the ever-changing subjects pertaining to India Inc., be it NCLT or wilful defaulter definition, when announced by the Supreme Court. It has always stayed ahead in the game providing solutions to the India Inc.

Credit and Collections Leader

Really efficient staff, who follow up with customer on a daily basis and in polite manner which is really appreciated. We receive updated comments on overdues as and when require by us. Professional approach towards every given assignment.

Ajay Chavan
Dy. Manager

We are Privileged to avail the services from your organisation. The requests for reports are taken up immediately and attended to immediately. This promptness and the rationale adopted on your report are commendable and deserves great appreciation. We thank you and your entire team for the good efforts. Keep it up.

P. Kumar
DGM Finance

One of the wonderful service by MNS and its unbelievable. We lost nearly 20 lakhs with an overseas company and we linked with MNS through the insurance company ECGC. I don’t know what they did thorugh their attorney in the overseas but money started coming in bill by bill Now 90% of the money is recovered. Before MNS i chased them almost two years and finally I decided to write off and MNS recovered. Thank you.

Ramakrishnan S

I am extremely impressed with MNS Professional service .We had two bad debts from Korea, one company had closed down and MNS helped us get proof which was difficult otherwise, by which we could get our claim from insurance. The Other case was more complex and MNS helped us by making a tripartriate agreement and get our money .They have very experienced team, good global contacts and very responsive team. Keep it up

Sai Pattabiram

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