Debt Collection

Debt Collection Services:

Businesses around the world are witnessing extraordinarily financial situations as a result of an increasing amount of debt, which can have a disastrous effect on businesses. Debt collection is a complex and time-consuming process that can deprive organizations in accomplishing major business goals. To resolve this issue, companies outsource receivables to debt recovery agency in order to have proper solutions for recovery of debt and increasing cash flow in their business.

MNS is one of the leading Credit Management companies having core specialization in providing debt recovery services for their India and overseas customers. We have a team of dedicated professionals having vast experience of decades in B2B debt collection around the globe.

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Our debt collection methods and approach:

We take a soft but firm approach for debt recovery without jeopardizing client's existing business relations with their debtor.
We focus on amicable and alternative solutions that save client's time and money.
We give dispute identification, notification and resolutions the highest priority.
We work closely with client to resolve disputes and issues.
We monitor the execution of solutions arrived at with extreme diligence.
We ensure professionalism while interacting with client and their debtor.
We appoint a dedicated client service representative to stay focused on the collection process.

Our debt collection strategies include tracing and verifying the address and the current status of the Debtors, following up with them regularly and arranging face to face discussions for an Amicable Settlement by following proven principles of negotiation. We do this by

Bringing parties to the negotiation table.

Identifying the problems.

Establishing facts.

Clarifying issues.

Developing options for settlements.

Ultimately reaching agreement by getting written acknowledgement from the Debtor.

Keep clients' relations intact.

Commercial Debts (B2B):

Overdue export and import bills

Unpaid service bills

Unreturned advance payments / non-shipment

Breach of contracts / sale & service agreements

Consumer Debts (B2C):

International credit cards

International hospital and medical bills

Over drawn accounts of International Banks

Unpaid educational fees and rentals

Unpaid telecom and hotel bills

Overpaid salaries

Leading Debt Collection Agency uses an ethical approach to debt recovery.


As a longstanding member of the distinguished TCM Group International, the world's largest and most extensive global network of collection agencies, we have a proven track record of successfully helping creditors manage their overdue invoices/debts, credits and receivables, wherever they are located. MNS has access to the expertise of various international associates/representatives with whom we interact closely. This ensures that our clients get optimum solutions to all their problems and queries ranging from recovering unpaid accounts, to improving cash flow and reducing delinquencies. We are known for the expertise as a leading global debt collection agency and help in debt recovery for all industries and businesses.


Our business is unique and the approach we take is also unique and proven over the time. Being a debt recovery agency, we understand and value the requirement of maintaining professional relationships and accordingly indulge in dialogues with the debtors which result in collection of a debt successfully.
MNS, being a global debt collector, follows internationally defined fair debt collection practices and ensure to safeguard the debt owner’s rights and follow the debtors ethically and professionally within the legal framework in order to help B2B Businesses for their bad debt collection requirements and helps them streamlining their business by improving cash flows and assists them to effectively manage their debts.
Debt collection is a specialized field of service which require real long experience and understanding and special tactics. So, it is always advisable to hire a professional debt Collector in order to save your valuable time and resources and concentrate on your business.
MNS provide expert Debt Recovery Services with a very reasonable price tag. Our Professional charges are on contingency basis - I.e. there is no charges if there is no recovery (for pre-legal efforts only). There is no upfront fees or file placement charges or any type of hidden charges. (For further information and clarification, our team is always available to answer your queries.)


We are known as a figurehead in providing debt recovery services to various Export Credit Agencies, Credit Insurers and Multinational Conglomerates worldwide. With such versatility, companies can intensify their business efficiency while boosting their accounts receivable collections. We provide an improved debt recovery, accounts receivable management, and commercial debt collection services to companies worldwide.
We have links and associates of experienced and qualified team who are strictly following the fair debt collection practices and holds expertise in debt recovery worldwide, who make sure that the tag and good will of any company is not hampered.
With our varied services, it is a big support to the companies for strengthening their ability in dealing with customers who get fixed into bad debt. It adds another feather to our hat that we are capable in handling commercial as well as retail consumer collections. We keep a regular communication with the creditors and keep them posted about the progress on regular intervals besides productive discussions and analysis of the claims being handled and that is how a strong trust is built in the client relation as well. Being us aboard, you will be able to curtail the bad debt load and intensify on prevailing cash flows.

What makes us to be chosen over the rest Debt Collection Agencies?

Professional Services:

We assure you to provide high quality, 24X7 debt collection services with the assistance of a diligent and highly professional team. Dedicated officer appointed for regular handling, monitoring and update of assigned cases for recovery and ensure each case is obtained proper attention.

Increased Collection Rates:

We have core competency and experience and high professionalism with capability of delivering satisfactory debt collection services which result in increased collection rates. It helps in the smooth cash flow and better working capital in running your business.

Higher Productivity

Outsourcing debt recovery agency like us can let the client to dedicate more time, resources, and effort towards realizing the goals with a concentrated and deliberate approach. This ensures enhanced growth and higher productivity.

Improved Cash Flow

Our two decade old global debt collection company and our well versed experienced and professional team is adept at providing debt collections within a short time not only in an effective manner but also with in the legal framework; we can ensure better cash flow and end result with higher profit in your business.

Ensure cordial Relationships

We facilitate exceptional services following all the necessary industry compliances and certifications. When you outsource debt collection company like us, we ensure a cordial and professional relationship with the clients.

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Commercial Third Party Collection Services

To have a smooth business, the company is supposed to have minimal debts and the debts are recovered on time and this collection of debt is a tedious job which needs expertise and time. Many at times, when any debt owned by company for a longer period of time, it affects the cash flow of the company which in turns affects the operations of the company business and profits. We, as a debt collection company are known for B2B collection of debt, and we specialize in recovering the same owed by one business to another.

MNS has been providing third party collection services for over 20 years for collection of receivables all over the globe. As a third party debt collection agency we make sure recovery of debt from businesses as much effectively as possible. We have a team of professionals who have a proven successful track record ith a very professional approach.

Our Commercial Third Party Collection Services includes:

Skip Tracing Services

Negotiation and Settlement

Demand Letters

Legal Expert

Customized Letter Programs

Experienced and professional debt recovery staff

First Party Collections

We provide assistance in First Party Collection that supports companies in targeting their debtors on initial debt recovery process which guarantee maximum cash penetration and high debt recovery rate to business. Apart from this, the companies are able to bond the friendly relationship with the debtors for future business.

There was a conventional way of approaching debtors by making calls, but it is not very beneficial in current times. Therefore, then came in the collection recovery service to first party centre which has been of a great advantage in order to focus on their efforts for exhilarating their excellence.

MNS is a trusted first-party collection services partner in the global market that holds the mastery to optimally handle the task of identifying, contacting, and reminding your esteemed customers well in time of the collection/credit cycle. We have a team of well-trained professionals who fetch desired results by applying their specialized experience, strategy and internationally proven methodology.