First Party Collection of Account Receivables

MNS Group's First Party Collections provide management of business accounts receivables. We enable you to concentrate on your bottom line business activities, relieving you from pressures of credit monitoring and getting you more time to focus on your key business areas.
first party collection

Benefits of using first-party services:

Better account collection
Improved cash flow
Reduction in bad debt
Cost-effective method of converting outstanding amounts receivables into cash expeditiously and economically
Management of the customer/challenges from the initial stage.
First Party Collections service

Our First Party Collections service includes:

Sending invoice status reminders to your customers
Collection activities, including NEFT/RTGS/Depositing of Cheques/Drafts into your accounts
Dispute registration
Payment plan monitoring
Submission of Final Demand Letters (if necessary)

Our First Party Collection team uses ethical and skilful methods to provide professional services. These include timely communications with your customers that help in halting an invoice from becoming delinquent. We strive to maintain an impending relationship with your customers and help all the parties concerned to reach a viable solution.

In spite of substantial efforts of First Party Collections, if an invoice remains unpaid, MNS Group initiates its amicable collection exercises for debt recovery. If the invoice still remains unpaid the case can be transferred to the in-house Legal Department for handling the same.