Legal & Paralegal Services

Legal & Paralegal Services

We offer prompt, efficient Legal & Paralegal services which ensures your business gets the best services possible. We understand your industry, culture and goals. Our innovative solutions extend beyond practices and borders, just as your business needs do.

MNS caters to a diverse clientele from various industry segments in India and abroad.

MNS is driven by the conviction that the organization has to stay ahead of the needs of its clients. We endeavour to ensure that the legal problems likely to affect clients are addressed in a timely manner. We provide practical business solutions instead of just legal solutions.

MNS, with a dedicated team comprising of highly experienced lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Consultants from all technical fields, provides relevant legal services with an in-depth expertise and experience under the Indian Legal system in the following areas:

Since June 1 2016, the Central Government has Constituted NCLT and in the first phase, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has set up eleven Benches to deal on Company Matters, covering all the States and Union Territories.

We have expertise with the provisions of IBC (Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code) and have been assisting many clients with timely action on NCLT claims.

NCLT proceedings can be initiated if there is a clear written acknowledged and undisputed debt.
  • It is cost and time effective as the results are really fast
  • No jurisdiction issue is involved
  • The NCLT proceedings generally result in amicable settlement in case
Recovery suits are filed to recover both commercial and personal debts when there is no clear undertaking from the debtor, especially when the debtor is not a registered company. Summary proceedings, which are much faster than recovery suits, are possible under certain circumstances.
In clear cases of misrepresentation and fraud, we initiate criminal proceedings against the debtor, especially in the event of Cheque bouncing. Such matters are handled by a separate panel of eminent criminal lawyers associated with MNS.
MNS has experience in filing Arbitration matters right from getting the Arbitrator appointed, filing of claims till final argument/passing of the Award.
MNS enjoys the services of some of the top independent attorneys / lawyers in India. They are well versed in handling Foreign Decree Execution and help in providing such services at very competitive fees.
MNS has an experienced International Trade Law Team that provides innovative and commercial solutions to international trade issues. These professionals are skilled in the laws and regulations that apply to cross border transactions and have consistently advised companies on formulating and executing international trade strategies.
We provide a complete range of Intellectual Property related legal services to our clients. Our Law Associates have experience in advising on intellectual property law issues such as data protection, trade secrets, confidentiality, and remedies for breach of confidentiality, copyrights, patents and trademarks. We are involved in negotiating and drafting Trade Mark License Agreements, Registered User Agreements, and Agreements for Assignment and Transmission of Trade Mark as well as in registration for Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Copyrights.