MNS Groupprovides innovative Business Information Reports at a global level. With vast experience and knowledge, we are consistently providing freshly investigated, reliable and in-depth business information reports for a wide range of customers, including multinational conglomerates, banks and financial institutions, credit insurance companies, SMEs, corporate and International credit agencies.

We specialize in providing business information reports on companies operating in India and overseas. MNS reports are professionally prepared by a team of highly qualified credit analysts, each of whom can boast many years of experience in interpreting commercial information.

MNS furnishes detailed credit reports for limited and private limited companies, partnerships, and sole proprietorships at a very nominal cost with minimum turnaround time. We have developed a worldwide network that enables us to generate the accurate, reliable and detailed information on companies in India and overseas.

MNS Reports are arranged in six broad categories: Identification, Ownership & Management, Legal Status & History, Operations, Financial Information, and Credit Appraisal & Opinion. Our reports contain the following information:

  • Complete registration data and the company's history.
  • Office address, telephone and fax numbers, website addresses etc.
  • Business activities, products / services provided etc.
  • Information about the shareholders and administration.
  • Data on subsidiaries and affiliated companies.
  • Latest balance sheet and profit & loss account wherever available.
  • Negative information, legal claims wherever available.
  • Creditworthiness and payment records or behaviors.
  • Credit risk assessment and credit recommendations.

MNS Group offers a wide variety of Business Credit Reports that fulfil the customer's requirements:

Business credit reports combine, analyze, scrutinize and document important information about legal and financial aspects of the customer's business, to assist clients in making the most informed decision that would minimize risks and maximize profits.

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Due diligence reports are aim to guide prospective investors who want to set up Joint Ventures or Alliance Partnerships with corporates in India.

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Litigation Search Reports document the findings of a search carried out to uncover any criminal or civil cases filed against a company or an individual in the courts.

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Verification or authentication reports are ordinarily prepared for B2B screenings. These reports, verify details about registered offices, contact details, legal form, registration and also about Chairman / Chief Executive Officer / Managing Partner / Proprietor etc. of a prospective client.

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An ROC search report is a report prepared by consolidating all documents of a company filed with or registered by ROC (Registrar of Companies) as regards indebtedness.

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Business Site Visit Reports include a detailed credit report of the company accompanied with a site-visit and photographs from the same.

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Why Use MNS Reports?

  • You get a accurate information about your business partners wherever they are located.
  • You get maximum information at a very nominal cost within minimum turnaround time.
  • Our "Report at a Glance" feature gives you immediate access to the overall assessment of the subject company.
  • We are ethical, professional and provide accurate information to make informed business decisions.
  • We provide freshly investigated reports.
  • We provide credit rating, risk assessment and credit recommendation in every report on the basis of scientific analysis of various parameters.