What’s In a Company Information Report: An Infographic

  • 27 December 2021
  • By MNS


It’s a sobering reality. Even the most stable and reliable corporations might go bankrupt, putting your small business at risk. The current economy has necessitated some fundamental changes in how businesses interact with one another. Small firms, for example, are performing more rigorous credit checks on organisations with whom they are considering doing business.

Company information reports provide a wealth of credit information on potential consumers, partners, and suppliers. They let you look up contact information, sales statistics, size, products/operations, credit summary, Uniform Commercial Code filings, bogus business names, and payment and collections history, among other things. You’ll also get information on judgements, tax liens, and bankruptcies.

MNS Credit Management Group’s Company Information Reports offer credit scoring to assist you in making decisions.

The objective of Company Information Reports is to help maintain a positive image of a business.

The reputation of a corporation is everything. You may be able to maintain a solid credit payment record if you pay your suppliers consistently and carefully. As a result, more suppliers will want to collaborate with you and will provide you with favourable financing terms. If you have a strong track record of paying your suppliers, you’ll have a better chance of securing clear payment terms from your consumers. As a result, establishing the reputation of your industry demands a strong credit management plan.

How MNS Company Information Reports Can Assist You in Making Better Decisions

To measure and anticipate payment behaviour, our credit rating score use statistical models. The term “high risk” refers to the likelihood of a missed payment. Low risk indicates there’s a decent chance you’ll get paid on time. Simple charts and graphs provide quick overview of payment trends and balances. You may quickly apply the correct credit strategy and maximise customer connections with this timely business intelligence.


The Company Information Report, one of the most trusted sources of business data, can help you analyse a company’s profitability, financial stability, and payment performance. It’s a common practise in the credit sector to evaluate both new and current credit connections.

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