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Debt Collection

Navigating The Debt Collection Landscape In Indonesia- Layanan Penagihan Utang B2B

The main purpose of debt collection in any country is to find an amicable and smooth settlement of dues between a debtor and a creditor. Indonesia is no exception. However, in Indonesia, there are no specific rules regarding debt collection service (layanan penagihan utang) companies. The rules mainly exist in the Civil Code and other Indonesian regulations. Under Article 1234 of...

Debt Collection

Global Payment Delays And Bankruptcies: Causes, Consequences, And Solutions

The Indian financial system has had several difficulties and still faces difficulties as a result of an unstable economy. After demonetization, the government closed all the channels for the creation and transfer of black money, resulting in stringent requirements for the accounting evidence supporting each transaction. This led to a slowdown in commercial activity as the liquidity issue reared its...

Silicon Valley Bank Crisis

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Navigating the Ripple Effects of the US Banking Crisis on Global Business

There is turmoil in the US banking industry nowadays. First it was SVB a top bank catering to the Tech sector, then Signature bank and then a big one – Credit Suisse which eventually got taken over another Swiss bank UBS. Is this a tip of the iceberg with more banks to follow or is it contained for now. At...

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Debt Collection

Debt Collection in Vietnam: Tips and Best Litigation Practices

Nowadays, there are two main methods of debt collection in Vietnam (đòi nợ ở việt nam). The first is through litigation, which takes time because one must file a petition with the court and then wait for the judge to rule. Nevertheless, by this point, debtors may have already sold their assets, transferred them to another party, or even declared...

Business Information Services

What is Customer Due Diligence (CDD) Process & Its Types?

In order to gather and assess pertinent data on a customer or potential customer, financial institutions use a process called “customer due diligence.” Through the analysis of data from many sources, it seeks to identify any potential risks to the financial institution associated with doing business with a certain company or person. These include of: The customer themselves, who must...

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Business Information Services

Due Diligence Services: Types, Benefits & Process

Prior to an acquisition, investment, business partnership, or bank loan, due diligence is a process of study and analysis that is started to determine the value of the topic of whether there are any substantial issues related to the diligence or the results of these investigations are then compiled in a report known as the due diligence report. Introduction Analysing...

Debt Collection

Best Debt Collection Agency in India: MNS

Introduction Who are debt collectors? A corporation or agency that recovers money owing on past-due debts is known as a debt collector. Many businesses that owe money to creditors use debt collectors, who work for a fee or a portion of the total amount collected. Some debt collectors are also debt purchasers; these businesses buy debt below its face value...

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Debt Collection

5 Legal Steps For Commercial Debt Collection in UAE | تحصيل الديون في الإمارات العربية المتحدة

Introduction The barter system, wherein people used to exchange commodities and services, is when the idea of indebtedness first emerged. What if one or both parties fail to deliver the promised products in exchange for the promised goods, necessitating the necessity to assert the debt? Since 2005, there have been several incidents involving unpaid debt in the UAE (الديون غير...

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Business Information Services

What is a Business Credit Report?

Introduction: Business Credit Report Many businesses are unaware of what a business credit report is, how it operates, or how to use it to win contracts, establish your company’s creditworthiness, or lower costs related to interest rates and insurance premiums. Despite the fact that a business credit report can provide important information about a company’s financial health, many businesses aren’t...

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Semiconductor Push Tapping Global Expertise & Providing Infrastructure Can Make Chip-Making the Ramp for India’s Manufacturing Growth

Introduction It has been announced by the government of India about Digital India project in 2014, which consists of nine “pillars.” While much of the attention in its formulation was on issues related to e-governance, electronics manufacturing was one of the many pillars. It’s taken a long time, but there’s finally a chance for significant progress. In the meantime, the...