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Debt Collection Services in Singapore- Get Your Debts Resolved Today

Introduction In order to successfully recover debts in Singapore, a strategic strategy must strike a balance among ethical standards, effective communication, and legal issues. Debt collectors must use crucial tactics to do this, which guarantee a win-win situation for all sides. These tactics consist on comprehending the debtors’ situation, abiding by the applicable laws, being professional, and using negotiation techniques....

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Understanding Business Credit Assessment And How Does it Work?

Introduction: Financing is a vital component of any business’s success. Companies, from small startups to large multinationals, rely on borrowed capital to survive and expand their operations. However, there is always the possibility of loan default. Lenders are picky about whose businesses they give credit to. A company that does not have a sufficient corporate credit score may struggle to...

Debt Collection

Understanding Debts in Bangladesh: A Guide to Credit Management (বাংলাদেশে ঋণ সংগ্রহ সংস্থা)

Introduction Bangladesh, a nation the size of this state that borders both India and Burma and is located in the northeastern part of the Indian subcontinent, is expected to have 165 million people living there by the year 2021, according to the World Bank.  The seventh most populous and most densely inhabited nation outside of city states is Bangladesh.  Bangladesh...

Debt Collection

How MNS can help to Prevent Bad Debts in 2023: Expert Advice from a Debt Collector

Bad debt recovery: What is it? The money that your company receives after writing off bad debt as uncollectible is known as bad debt recovery. When the borrower is unable to repay the lender within the allotted time, the bad debt recovery process is initiated. In this case, the lender may bring legal action to recoup the bad debt. The...

Debt Collection

Navigating Debt Collection Technique: The Amicable Approach

Introduction When a firm faces the non-payment of one or more invoices, that company will initially try to recover what is owed using an amicable debt recovery approach.Debt collection may be a difficult and delicate procedure that frequently leads to conflict between creditors and debtors. An amicable debt-collecting technique has become more popular in today’s world, where keeping connections is...

Debt Collection

Navigating The Debt Collection Landscape In Indonesia- Layanan Penagihan Utang B2B

The main purpose of debt collection in any country is to find an amicable and smooth settlement of dues between a debtor and a creditor. Indonesia is no exception. However, in Indonesia, there are no specific rules regarding debt collection service (layanan penagihan utang) companies. The rules mainly exist in the Civil Code and other Indonesian regulations. Under Article 1234 of...

Debt Collection

Global Payment Delays And Bankruptcies: Causes, Consequences, And Solutions

The Indian financial system has had several difficulties and still faces difficulties as a result of an unstable economy. After demonetization, the government closed all the channels for the creation and transfer of black money, resulting in stringent requirements for the accounting evidence supporting each transaction. This led to a slowdown in commercial activity as the liquidity issue reared its...

Silicon Valley Bank Crisis

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Navigating the Ripple Effects of the US Banking Crisis on Global Business

There is turmoil in the US banking industry nowadays. First it was SVB a top bank catering to the Tech sector, then Signature bank and then a big one – Credit Suisse which eventually got taken over another Swiss bank UBS. Is this a tip of the iceberg with more banks to follow or is it contained for now. At...

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Debt Collection

Debt Collection in Vietnam: Tips and Best Litigation Practices

Nowadays, there are two main methods of debt collection in Vietnam (đòi nợ ở việt nam). The first is through litigation, which takes time because one must file a petition with the court and then wait for the judge to rule. Nevertheless, by this point, debtors may have already sold their assets, transferred them to another party, or even declared...

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What is Customer Due Diligence (CDD) Process & Its Types?

In order to gather and assess pertinent data on a customer or potential customer, financial institutions use a process called “customer due diligence.” Through the analysis of data from many sources, it seeks to identify any potential risks to the financial institution associated with doing business with a certain company or person. These include of: The customer themselves, who must...